Monday, December 3, 2012

Stupid Bears

So, why mention the Bears? Because the idiots couldn't beat the Seahawks. By beating the Seahawks the Rams chances of staying in the playoff hunt was truly alive and well once the Rams went into yet another OT game with the 9ers. But now, the possibility is still there but much more distant than had the so called tough Bears beaten our other nemesis.

Of course there probably aren't many Rams fans out there today that really thought they would see the Rams playing as hard and tough as they have in 99% of the games they have played so far this year. Fisher is definitely headed in the right direction with this team. The offense is the biggest issue here and he has to figure out how to make this unit more potent.

Check out what LSURAM has to say about the game in this weeks website article.

Last Push For the 2012 Season

Grading Out and Golden Heart Award

The team has been graded and the GH Award has been handed out for this week. Make sure to check it out.

Grading Out

Golden Heart

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