Monday, December 27, 2010

How Quickly Things Change

Overlooked all season by National television, the Rams have skated along all season winning and losing but doing both with class. And now, that their last game is pretty much a playoff game, winner goes home. The National media wants a piece of us now!

It seems that the Rams 1:15pm game in Seattle will now become the Sunday Night Football game on NBC and will be televised for everyone to see. I suppose that's pretty cool, however; let's hope that this kind of last minute attention doesn't become a distraction for this young team. After all, winning is a relatively new thing and now the media wants to be part of it.

Rams ready for prime time? We'll soon see! GO RAMS!

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Rams Alive and Kickin

Grading Out and Golden Heart Award

The team has been graded, with far better grades than last week and our Golden Heart award has been given out to two players this week.

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Planet Rams 2010 MVP's

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Penalties, Penalties, Penalties

Why so many penalties caught and called on the Rams? Man the Rams seemed to get hit with everything the refs could think of. Some of those penalties simply can't be blamed on rookie error this late in the season.

And it sure seemed while the refs were having a field day throwing out the yellow hankie on the Rams, they overlooked many that should have been thrown on the Chiefs. One in particular was disturbing, one that even Dan Fouts made a sarcastic comment on...that was the extremely hard and late hit on Bradford. Fouts commented and I quote "Guess they only throw the flag on that for the likes of the Peyton Mannings and Drew Breeses of the league."

There were others as well, several holding and pass interference that could have and should have been called. Sure this may not have changed the outcome but some of these missed calls did kill drives for the Rams, just as their own penalties killed drives.

Officiating needs to be looked into. There are far too many games with poor officiating.

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It is a Process

Grading Out and Golden Heart Award

The team has been graded for this week and the Golden Heart has been given out as well.

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To Everyone from all of us at Planet Rams!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Behavior of Saints Not Saintly

First things first, if any of us really thought we had a shot beating the Saints, then we were probably expecting way too much from this young developing team of ours.

On another note...I lost a little respect for the Saints during this game. I know that I can't possibly be the only one that noticed this team and many of its players really had a tendency to over celebrate not only scores but sacks and tackles. Last time I heard that kind of excessive celebration no matter where it's at on the field is suppose to be flagged.

It was disgusting in my opinion how often the Saints flaunted themselves even to the point of taunting as far as I'm concerned. But I guess SB Champs are allowed to do these kinds of things.

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Dog Eat Dog World

Grading Out and the Golden Heart Award

Well, the team as usual has been graded and there has been a winner chosen for our weekly Golden Heart Award.

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Golden Heart Award

GO RAMS! Still in control of your own destiny!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ugly? To whom? So we didn't win with a huge score. Big deal. We did however win and there's nothing ugly about that. Not only did we win, we won on the road against a team that's had our number so to speak since what? 2006? Nothing ugly about that.

In reality, it was a thing of beauty because even with one of Bradford's less pretty games, he led the team to a must win victory! Not only that the players continue to show just how gritty of a team they are. Three players although injured during the game, toughed it out and returned to end the game. Nothing ugly about that!

It was a thing of beauty to see just how far this young team has come!

Let's go check out what LSURAMS has to say about this most recent win for our team.

The Next Step

Grading Out and the Golden Heart Award

The team has been graded and the illustrious GH award has been given out for this week. Don't forget you too can grade the team and choose your own player for the GH and we will post them on the website!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

We Learned a Few Things

I think there are a few things that we learned about our team in this game.

1. Bradford gets better with each game.
2. Bradford can make the big plays even without a big name receiver.
3. The Rams can score more than 30 points in a game!
4. They can win on the road, even if it was ugly.
5. They still have not found that true killer instinct.
6. Pat Shurmur gets far too conservative once we have the lead. His conservativeness nearly lost us the game.
7. We're in first place, did you hear that? 1st place. Ain't that something?

The first three quarters were great! Something, however; must be done with regard to the 4th quarters this team has been playing.

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Road Win

Grading Out and Golden Heart Award

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Too Hopeful

Looks like a lot of us got a little too hopeful for the season with all the changes that were made. After Sunday's game, we were made well aware of all of the glaring holes this young rebuilding team still has. The biggest of course would be the fact we simply do not have the power at WR position to stretch the field. We do not have a single player that can allow Bradford to truly shine.

Let's see what BeaverRam has to say about this past week's game over on our website.

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Photo Gallery and Highlights

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Photo Gallery




Monday, November 15, 2010

Road Woes Continue

Ouch! Still can't seem to get a win on the road. Could have been sitting pretty had we just pulled off the win in OT. Would have dashed all the hopes of the Whiners post season aspirations and we could have remained in a tie for first.

This team must learn to win on the road! The game planning needs to change drastically in order to help Bradford execute a knock out blow in enemy territory. They must become more creative with what they have to work with or we could end in the basement after such a promising start to the second year of rebuilding!

This weeks website article is written by LSURAMS, if you'd like to see what he has to say go on over to the website and check it out.

2nd Half of the Season Expectations

Grading Out and The Golden Heart Award

As usual the grades have been handed down and our illustrious weekly award has been handed out. Check out the grades and the player or players who received the honor. Remember, as always, you can submit your own grades as well as the player you would give the GH award to.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

All Glory to God

Leave it to Bruce, the eternal man of class and man of God to open his speech with "All glory to God!" Number 80 will always have a place in my heart and the hearts of Rams fans forever. The complete player and the perfect example of what each NFL player should be all about on and off the field!

The Rams were obviously inspired once again by the great #80 and handed not only the fans another home win but honored Bruce with a hard fought and statement game. The Rams proved that they are team that will not cower in the corner after defeat and in the face of continued adversity.

There's no doubt that the team made #80 proud a wonderful finish to a wonderful day in honor of one of the greatest players to ever don a Rams uniform!

Way to go Rams and thank you Bruce for all that you did for the Rams! You will be honored and loved forever by Rams fans around the world!

Our website article is up and ready for you to read and we hope you will take the time out and check it out this week.

Bradford Continues to Amaze

Grading Out and Golden Heart

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Sick

Seriously, I have been that is why the newsletter is later than usual. But though I'd try and get this thing out before the next game rolls around. I'm also sick because of the fact that we can't seem to play a game past the first half, especially the offense even with Sam Bradford. It can't be just the players faults, I find that hard to believe. Something, everything is not working or clicking in the 2nd halves of most games between the players and coaching. They need to figure this one out and soon because it is not helping the improvement of this team. It makes you sick to see generally a strong start and every week and even during the wins, watch the team become anemic during the rest of the game. This is a real issue and it is destroying the teams chances of winning many more games for the season. We may be stuck at 3 if this keeps up.

Here is what GeezerRam has to say over on our website this week.

So Close

The team has been graded and despite the loss the Golden Heart has been awarded. As we always remind you, remember you can grade the team and choose your GH winner by filling out our online forms available. So make sure to get your submissions in!

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GO RAMS! There is still time!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Talk about some hard hitting, hard nosed defense! Seven sacks! Awesome! They totally dominated the #1 ranked offense in the NFL in the first half. Although they bent some in the second half they were still able to hold them off long enough for the Rams offense to chew up the time with the Jackson running game.

Hats off to the defense and the entire team for making a statement this week! They did not crumble under the embarrassing jaws of defeat from last week and proved that they could come back and land on their feet this week. Way to go Rams!

Let's hear what good old BeaverRam has to say for this week over on our website.

Jekkyl and Hyde

Golden Heart and Grading Out

The grades have been given and the award has been handed out for this week. It was fun grading the team this week! Don't forget you can grade the team as well as pick your choice for the Golden Heart as well.

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Video Highlights

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Rams Highlights


Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Luck Just Keeps Coming

Mark Clayton gone for the season. Unbelievable! I hope the guy who hit him and was looking to hurt someone is proud of himself! Cause he did a great job!

As if being totally humiliated in the game wasn't bad enough of a punishment for some unknown crime our team has committed, we had to lose Sam's go to guy. Just goes to show you that no matter what the Rams try to do they seem to be a doomed organization with a continual black cloud hanging over them. I guess this is what we all get for counting our chickens before they hatched and thinking there was light at the end of the tunnel.

So much for being optimistic.

Let's see what LSURAM has to say this week over on our website.



Well, unfortunately the team has been dished out their grades for this week, which wasn't a pretty thing to do and we did manage to find someone to be the recipient of the GH for this week.

Grading Out

Golden Heart Award

Onto to next week in hopes that we can pick up the pieces of this train wreck and move on and regain some respectability.

GO RAMS.....if you got it in you!