Monday, December 10, 2012

6-6-1 Ouch That Tie is Rearing It's Ugly Head

Well, here we sit at 6-6-1 and as I said earlier in the year "This tie could come back and bite us in the butt." And it is doing just that. Had we won, we'd be sitting at 7-6 and the reality of playoffs would be much closer than it is right now. However, they say we are still in the hunt and how good does that feel?

As hard as it might be for the Rams to be able to achieve it, when is the last time any of us have said playoffs and Rams in the same breath? Wow, what a good feeling, as short lived as it may be, it's still a good feeling.

Fisher has made the first steps in keeping his promise in making this a winning franchise and from what we have seen this year, you only know that it is only up from this point on. The entire belief structure of this team has been changed by Fisher and that is "We can win." It is no longer an atmosphere of only losing and maybe there might be a win on the horizon. This team believes they can win. It's amazing what one man can do to change something so bad into something that will soon be so good.

Fisher should get coach of the year.

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What the Hekker

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GO RAMS--Playoffs?--Why Not?!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Stupid Bears

So, why mention the Bears? Because the idiots couldn't beat the Seahawks. By beating the Seahawks the Rams chances of staying in the playoff hunt was truly alive and well once the Rams went into yet another OT game with the 9ers. But now, the possibility is still there but much more distant than had the so called tough Bears beaten our other nemesis.

Of course there probably aren't many Rams fans out there today that really thought they would see the Rams playing as hard and tough as they have in 99% of the games they have played so far this year. Fisher is definitely headed in the right direction with this team. The offense is the biggest issue here and he has to figure out how to make this unit more potent.

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Last Push For the 2012 Season

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Jenkins and Givens are Rising Stars

If you want to view the 2nd pick six over just use the link to enjoy it over and over again. These two plays by Jenkins solidifies all reasons why they coached this kid. It's hard to believe just two weeks ago that he and Givens both were benched because of breaking team rules and then to look at both of them in this game against the Cards, you could tell that they not only put it in the past but also used it as a building block to maturing into two fine players.

Even though Givens had a superb day, Jenkins really was the true star on the defense snagging two pick sixes and making the offense look like fools when they tried to stop him. The kid is quickly becoming a force to be dealt with and opposing offenses are going to need to start taking this kid more seriously. He more than rose to the occasion in this game and don't think it was a fluke, this is what the coaches saw in him and that is why he was drafted!

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Thank Goodness

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Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving with your family and friends!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Penalties, Penalties, Penalties!

Thirteen penalties overall for the Rams in this game, three of which killed the Rams chances of winning this thing!

There was the 67 yard catch and run by Amendola that could have set the Rams up for another TD score, brought back by a penalty. There was the 80 yard catch and incredible run by Amendola to the 2 yard line, which would have ended the game in OT with a chip shot of a field goal by Greg and then of course the winning 53 yard field goal that had won the game had Heckker not delayed the game!

These penalties are the biggest thing that is keeping this Rams team from getting the wins they need! Above all else, this should be the issue that Fisher focuses on from here on out. All of which has to do with simple football basics! It is out of control and Fisher needs to find a way to put an end to it!

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The Amazing and Head Shaking Game of the Year

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7-45 Ugh!

There is no way that there is a single player that can't be in Fisher's doghouse right now. Good grief, that was the worst display of so called professionals playing football that I think I've seen this year!

The offense was dreadful, except for at the start and that ended with them doing nothing but running into one brick wall after another from that moment on.

Offensive line stunk it up, way too many penalties, defense stunk it up, too many penalties and mental mistakes. Just awful, dreadful and makes this fan want to start wearing a bag over her head.

But hey, there's a bye week next week, maybe all of us including the Rams can gather up some strength in order to face the second half of this season.

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GSOT Milk?

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We're still there for you even if we're unhappy.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Give Up on the Rams Just Yet

If you are ready to give up and start calling this team the "Same old sorry a$$ Rams", then so be it. However, you would be wrong in doing so. Because even in a loss, this is no longer the laughingstock of the league like it has been for so many years now. They truly are a team that is full of very young and raw talent. They may bend, this team, DOES NOT break!

Even though they were up against the reigning MVP in Rodgers, they knew what they were up against, but they still fought on just like they have all year with a hard nosed football attitude.

Regardless of their mistakes or any questionable calls the Rams made, we all need to look at this in a different perspective. This is a team that has been dreadful for many years, but they put that association behind them because this St. Louis team is a very tough and very young team that is not only learning a brand new system under Fisher, but they are also beginning to learn how to play together as an entirely new unit.

Understand this, with the way the Rams have been play, they could very easily be at 5-2 instead of 3-4 due to the heartbreaking losses to the Dolphins and Lions earlier. They are still very much alive in the NFC West and they are competitive enough to give the rest of the division a run for its money. So if you want to turn and walk away, go for it, but you may be missing out if you do.

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Rams Moving Fwd

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Not So Easy for Young G-Zee

Well the route to a perfect season for the young rookie ended in Miami and boy did it end with a skid.

And a big skid to boot. It must have been a very lonely day for the kid missing three field goals in a row. All of which had the distance, including the 66 yarder that would have set an NFL record on top of everything else. However, distance is no good when your ball shanked to the left each and every time. It just seemed that Greg couldn't compensate for the wind, no matter what he did.

I wouldn't have wanted to have been him on that long flight home to St. Louis, that's for sure.

Hopefully, he'll be able to overcome this and not let it shake his self-confidence for the next game.

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Special Teams Couldn't Ice the Game

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bradford Needs to Step It Up

It is becoming more and more apparent that Bradford really needs to step up his game. He relies far too much on Danny Amendola and seems to go completely flat once his security blanket is taken away from him. This is not going bode well for him as the season progresses. As anyone and everyone in the NFL knows, it is a heartless league when it comes to the business end of football and no matter how much Fisher likes him, he could find himself in a pretty bad situation if he doesn't step up and start playing to his natural potential.

As a fan, I'm pretty sure the kid has it in him still he has just got to start focusing more on the fact that he does have people around him that can catch the ball, he has to start relying on them more or we could see the Rams drafting a QB in next years draft.

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Mr. Hyde Has Stepped Forward

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Rams "D" Needs a Name!

That's right, this unit needs a special name to be referred by, we think they've earned it. But what should it be? If you have any ideas send them to us by emailing us at or just post your suggestion as a comment to the main page here on the newsletter!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Special, Special...

Teams, that is exactly what the Rams have. An excellent punter and an out of this world kicker who is perfect on the season and with just 4 more 50+ field goals he will hold anew record with the Rams. And the punter can throw TD passes as well.

What more could you ask for from a special teams unit? They are just amazing and Zuerleine is so good that as soon as the Rams cross over the 50 yard line, there is a collective sigh of relief from fans, players and coaches, all knowing that the team is already in scoring position.

Definitely the best ST unit and kicker in the NFL!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

We're Not Alone

Before we all start jumping ship already take a look around the NFL and you will see that we are far from being alone when it comes to being 1-2 in the standings. Below is a list of all the other teams that join us right now.

  • Patriots
  • Dolphins
  • Steelers
  • Jaguars
  • Colts
  • Titans
  • Raiders
  • Broncos
  • Chiefs
  • Redskins
  • Lions
  • Bucs
  • Panthers
So give it a chance, we're not alone and there is still light at the end of the tunnel for all of us Rams fans. We just need to right the ship when the Seachickens come and visit at "The Ed". It is time to get that monkey off our backs and push them down to the cellar.

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4th Quarter - One Possession Game

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Just Awful...

Not the game, by far it was actually one of the best games the Rams have played in years! But it was the officiating that sucked it up worse that I've ever seen hands down!

The guys that officiated this game were buffoons! I've never seen the likes of it ever! I don't care if they are replacements, they still should know how to officiate a game!
Two TD's that were clearly TD's that were ignored. And so many bogus personal foul calls that it was laughable. These guys are a joke and the NFL had better get their differences straightened out with the real officials before you have games being won and lost by teams that shouldn't win or lose a particular game. Luckily for the Rams, Fisher has them already trained to rise above the adversity, otherwise had they been the same way as they were last year, this game would have been a total disaster, and mainly because of the horrendous officiating and I'm being kind.

Anyone going to complain as much about the real officials once they return? I know I'm not going to!

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The Winning Has Begun

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Yes We Lost But.....

There is no sense in starting the panic and throwing in the towel after this loss, especially this loss. It's not like the Rams were playing some team that didn't have much to offer on either side of the ball. This was the playoff team Detroit Lions, you know the one with Megatron and Suh on each side of the ball along with QB Stafford who passed for over 5,000 yards in 2011. So before you go off and start jumping ship, keep this thought in your mind. The Rams were not embarrassed by the Lions nor did they cower down to them like frightened lambs going to slaughter. Instead they nearly won the damn game!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

And This is Why He's the Starter

Bradford was nearly flawless when he played the Ravens in the last preseason game and was spot on with three touchdown passes to Pettis, Amendola and Hoomanawananui. There should be no doubts in anyone's minds that he's still the man in St. Louis.

Here are Sams stats for the time he played: 11-16 for 175 yards and three touchdowns bringing his QB rating to 144.5!

We also know for sure now that Clemens will not be backing up Bradford and this is because the rookie Austin Davis clearly outplayed him in every single preseason game. Welcome aboard Davis! As much as we don't want to see Sammy boy go done, make sure Austin, that you don't get too attached to that clipboard, you never know when you might be called upon to backup Bradford.

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Fisher Lays Down the Law

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It's Kickoff Time!

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GO RAMS!!!!!