Monday, November 28, 2011

Ready for the Season to Be Over?

There is no doubt in my mind that Sam Bradford is probably anxiously awaiting for the end of this season. This season is going to not only have him limping off in shambles but his mental health is damaged and scared as well.

There's no doubt that he will be going off home and away from this organization truly doubting himself and whether or not he has what it takes to be in the NFL. If not, he'll at least be wondering whether or not he's cut out to be a glutton for punishment and continue to play for this team!

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The Future Seems Like We've Seen It Before

Grading Out

Well, the team has been graded and quite frankly it seems like we could just leave the grades pretty much the same every week, especially at coaching.

Grading Out

We did not hand out the Golden Heart Award this week, as hard as we tried to find someone, we just couldn't find that special someone that made that little extra push during the game, win or lose. But hey, if you have someone in mind, make sure to go over to the site and submit their name.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

What more needs to be said than what Brandon Lloyd says right here in the fourth quarter?

Think he's wishing he'd never come to St. Louis let alone heard of the place right now? This guy's got talent but what can you do with it when the team as a whole stoops to even lower levels to figure out how you can continue to lose games.

When it comes to football, right now during a time when we all are suppose to be counting our blessings, the Rams probably have nothing at all to be thankful for as a team. Truly a sad state they find themselves in.

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Things to Be Thankful For


Grading Out and Golden Heart

Well the grades have been issued and I'm sure you can guess they didn't do all that well. Oh, and yes, did manage to offer up a GH for this week.

Grading Out

Golden Heart

Comic Relief

Maybe this is why there's nothing left in the Rams come game day?!

Monday, November 14, 2011

We Win a Squeaker

Well, pretty much what killed the Rams last week in their loss against the Cardinals when the kicking game. The Browns are not a good team, just like the Rams and it was luck this time that was on our side and not the side of the enemy. Now that's something novel having the luck roll our way. Just goes to show you that we're not the only team out there that can't get any breaks.

Really not much to be proud of in this game since it was against an opponent for arguments sake are pretty much our mirror image in the AFC. Squeaking it out by one point is intense if it's between two powerhouse teams slugging it out, but when it's too bad teams, well quite frankly it's not all that impressive.

Don't get me wrong, I'll take the win, however, our offense isn't showing much power yet and we are now going into week 11.

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Brown and Out

Grading Out and the Golden Heart

The team has both been graded for this week and the Golden Heart has been handed out. We've yet to get any input from any of our readers. Remember, you can easily submit your own grades and you preferred player for the GH by simply filling out our forms online. We then will place your grades and your player on our website.

Grading Out

Golden Heart Award

This Week's Photos

Click Here for a few pics from this weeks game.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Another One Down for the Count

Gone, just like that another receiver! Greg Salas, who was turning out to be a fine young rookie receiver is now gone with with a broken leg for the season! They just drop like flies on this team! Is there some sort of receiver curse on this team?! By the injuries that keep happening you might start thinking that! Now Clayton and Alexander must return and fill in all the gaping holes! But it almost seems senseless however when it would be coming back to a losing cause!

Again the Rams couldn't pull it off. If it's not one unit messing up it's another one. Can't seem to get all the different units to play together as a whole.

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Just Like That the Bubble Burst

Grading Out and the Golden Heart

Well the grades are in and yes the Golden Heart has been awarded for this week. Don't forget, there is a form on the website where you can grade the team yourself and pick your own GH winner and we will gladly put them on the website for others to see.

Grading Out

Golden Heart

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