Saturday, June 11, 2011

As the NFL Turns

It's June now and we still don't have a clue if the NFL season will ever start. The negotiations are as stale and day old bread and the players are so stubborn to think that this is going to get them anywhere. And then as you turn it over to the other side the owners are complete morons. How do they think by locking out the players that anything is going to be accomplished? Hello?! Oh you don't have to pay players during this lockout, oh big whoop. Idiots, you're going to be losing more in revenue with no fans to pad your fat wallets by going to the games! So what are they proving?

Another thing, have any of these owners ever played the game of football? They act like the players can just pick up from where they left off a year before and then just hopping right into the season with no practice at all. It's going to be one of the sloppiest seasons in NFL history. And let's not mention the injuries! Good job guys!

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Snapshot of RB Position

Planet Ramsbook!

Check it out! We've added something new to Planet Rams! It's a great spot filled with forums, blogs that you can write yourself, set up your own page as well, in any fashion that you want. Get connected with other Rams fans, invite your friends and family members to join you and stay connected with them in the same way you would with Facebook. Give it a shot! You've got nothing to lose.

We added this because we've noticed that so many fan sites for the Rams have just dropped off the face of the earth and we are hoping to reach out to Rams fans to get together in one place. So check it out and let other Rams fans know about it! Click on the photo below and go take a look!

Hope to see you there!

Where Are They Now?

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