Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome Aboard Fisher

Never, I mean NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would utter those words "Welcome aboard Fisher!" Oh my gosh, I must be living in an alternate world or something else. Oh, no, wait, now I remember, I've been living in a world that has been filled with one miserable year after another, over and over again like waking from a bad nightmare only to find out it's not really a nightmare but the real world of the Rams!

Desperate times makes for desperate measures and if that means cheering Stan Kroenke for hiring the one coach I surely disliked the most over the years then so be it! Because the truth of the matter, I don't think I could take another year with another rookie HC that couldn't box himself out of a paper bag let alone prepare a team to win a game.

So again, I say "Welcome aboard Fisher" and I pray that you can somehow work your magic and fix this dead franchise.

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Reasons Why Fisher Was the Right Choice

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Season Mercifully Over

It's finally over, the misery in Missouri. The high hopes held by the fans and the team as well, were dashed, smashed, trampled upon and burned to the ground not too long after the season began. And now, it's finally mercifully over for all of us.

It was a season that more than likely will go down in Rams history as one of the worst EVER! At least in all my years of following the team, and that's many, many years, I don't think that I have ever been in such misery over a season. I have never begged for a season to end more than I did during this horrible season. 

Let's hope that the fans and the team can recover from such a nightmare and be able to pick themselves up in 2012. It's not going to be easy to say the least but hopefully during the off season when fans have enough time to keep their minds off of all the pain and embarrassment caused from this season it will make it easier to put it all behind them and start fresh come next September. Only time will tell.

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Don't forget to go over to the website and check out the season ending article written this week by LSURAMS.

2012 and Beyond

New Look!

We hope that you like the new look of the newsletter. We figured that since it was a new year, the miserable season was over, that we should start fresh in 2012. Hopefully it will be a sign of better things to come!

Final Grades

We've given the team their final grades for the entire season and you can go check them out by clicking on the link below. Get involved and submit your final grades so we can post them on the website during the off season!

Grading Out

Planet Rams MVP Awards

Ok, so they had a horrible season, but that doesn't take away the fact that we here at PR have a tradition of handing out our own MVP awards each year, ones the fans vote on. So as tradition dictates, we again are holding our voting for the MVP Awards as well as the Golden Heart Player of the Year.

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Newsletter Release

Beginning this month, the newsletter will be cut back to just twice a month. We will go back to weekly issues as soon as the month of August rolls around!

Have a great off season!