Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Question Some Decision Making

I only say that I question some decision making because of the most recent decision to let Atogwe go and then let the Redskins have him without even lifting a finger. Spags acts as if he's not needed or wanted in his system. It sure can't be because he's lacking in the 4 Pillars area because he was far from lacking there. I heard some say it was because they just didn't think all that highly of his skills at least not in their defensive scheme. Well, you tell me, any of the other safeties any better? In fact none of them could even hold a candle to Atogwe and yet they let the one reliable and great leader as well go as if he was one of the guys off the practice squad. Just another hole now that seriously needs to be filled. I think they'll be biting the bullet on this stupid decision for quite some time.

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