Friday, July 27, 2012

Jenkins Inks Deal

No one really knows why there was a hold off on the contract deal for Jenkins and who really cares? Go ahead and let rumors fly as they did, but it is possible the Rams wanted to make sure that the once heralded irresponsible bad boy in college was going to be a far more responsible young adult in the NFL. Whatever the reasons for the initial stall, it's over now and, Jenkins can get to work where he needs to be. With the signing he will be there this Sunday, July 29th, for his first official day of training camp. The deal is suppose to be a 4 year deal worth $5 million with a $3.1 million guarantee,  but all the details are still not fully disclosed. When it comes to football salaries, really doesn't sound like much and it won't be much once the four children and their child support starts coming out. Something the Rams organization really wanted to have taken care of so it would not be a distraction to Jenkins and what he should be doing on the field.

Talk about irresponsibility, with the Rams being the "Poster Boy" team with the tragic history of Leonard Little, it should be drilled from day one of the off season to ALL members of the team what NOT to do when you are drinking and that's drive! Come on! If any team knows the ramifications and the devastation of what can happen it's the Rams organization and it should be drilled into their heads. You want to drink hire a driver, you got the money to pay for it! Robert Quinn, what were you thinking?! Doesn't make sense. Take heed or you could be in really, really bad shape if it ever happens again. One time is a mistake, but even one time could be deadly, this time it wasn't, so it might be wise to make it your last time. You got off easy this time around. :-(

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