Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello - Goodbye

Well the new reign has begun with our new coach Spagnoulo. Expect a lot of goodbyes and a whole bunch of hello's to new faces as our new HC begins to settle in at Rams Park. Should be an interesting transition to say the least.

This week's website article is from good old GeezerRam. Make sure to go over and check it out.

Here's to the Future


Just another example of the old Rams regime blunders....too impatient to let someone like Warner heal, instead kick him to the curb for the likes of Bulger. Yep, great choice....we all can see how far Bulger has gotten us.

All the world is watching to see if Kurt Warner can do it. Be the first QB in NFL history to take two different teams to the Super Bowl and win with each team! I think the odds are in his favor.

No doubt most of Rams Nation is in Warners/Cards corner. No one deserves it more than Warner that's for sure.

You go guy!


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good One to Read

We've got a real good article for you this week written by our resident "dog" The WatchDog. We're sure you'll enjoy this one so please make sure and go over and read what the Dog has got to say about the state of the Rams!

From the Penthouse to the Dog House - and the Path Back

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