Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Know It's Almost Here.....

When your old FFB leagues ask you to re-register your leagues from the previous year. This is when you start getting a little bit more excited about the fact the new season will soon be upon us. It is another opportunity for new hope. How long the good feeling will last is up to our team. But at least for a little while, as we prepare for our FFB drafts, there is hope and there is good cheer.

Speaking of FFB, again we have registered our leagues and invite you to come join us for another year of Fantasy Football. Click Here if you would like to join us this year!

You can read this issue's website article by yours truly by going over to our new articles page called the Planet Rams Centinnel. We have the original articles set up to where you can comment on them as well. Hope you will enjoy that new feature.

Bradford is Playing it Smart

Don't forget to come over and check out our new embedded forum and chat room on the official website. Feel free to use either any time you like.


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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Getting Close

Before we know it, training camp will be here and hopefully the Rams will have a group of guys that will be able to become the team we've been waiting for, for quite some time now! I'm not saying give us another "Greatest Show on Earth" because that is never going to happen again. But give us a team that we can be proud of and not embarrassed by.

I know we shouldn't expect much this year, but it would be nice to have a pleasant surprise, wouldn't it?

Here's a little piece from Geezer Ram.

Rams 2010

Great News!

We've finally been able to put a new forum that is directly on our Planet Rams website which is attractive, fits the website perfectly and is very easy to use. So come on over and join us and let's get the ball rolling on the new forum and have a lot of fun this new website forum.

Let's Talk Rams

Even More News!

On top of installing a forum on the website we've also included a live chat on the website. This site is set up especially for you Rams fans who want to get together and chat live. Please feel free to use the chat room any time you like.

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