Monday, December 29, 2008

Put a Fork In It

It's done! Finally this sorry excuse for a season is over with. I've never been happier to see a season end. Happier for it's demise than I was last season.

The WatchDog gives us his thoughts this week make sure to go on over and check it out.

Life's Not Fair

The team has been graded and despite the fact it was a losing effort there still were some good marks.

Grading Out

The Golden Heart basically was a no brainer this final week of the season.

Golden Heart

The polls are up and ready for you to cast your votes for PR's Golden Heart Player of the Year and PR's MVP's for 2008. Make sure to go over and vote for your choices. We will put the results of the polls in our next newsletter and on the website.

Vote Now!

This will be our last weekly newsletter for the season. Until the 2009 pre-season begins we will be going back to releasing the newsletter on an every other week schedule.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Wake Me From This Nightmare

This season has been like a reoccurring nightmare that none of us can seem to wake up from. Over and over again it's the same thing. Nothing changes. The only difference is, that you finally do wake up from a nightmare and thank God that's all it was. But even when the nightmare of the season is over for us, it'll never quite be fully gone, it will haunt us all the off season, which then will probably begin yet another nightmare unless Chip figures out a way to get out of this mess.

Here's what GeezerRam has to say about the Rams this week.

Turning Point

Well the team has been graded for this week, and despite the loss there were some decent grades given out.

Grading Out

There were a couple players that really stood out despite the outcome of the game and neither could be ignored for our "illustrious" weekly award.

Golden Heart Award

In a couple of weeks we will be casting our votes for Planet Rams 2008 MVP's (I know it's been a lousy season but the tradition goes on.) We'll also have our annual Golden Heart of the Year Award as well. Below listed you will find are the candidates for you to think about.

The polls will be posted up on the Planet Rams Forum since the newsletter only accommodates for one poll at a time.

Offensive MVP Candidates
Steven Jackson
Donnie Avery
Torry Holt
Keenan Barton

Derek Stanley

Defensive MVP Candidates

Leonard Little
Pisa Tinoisamoa
Will Witherspoon
O.J. Atogwe

Chris Long
James Craft

Special Teams MVP Candidates
Donnie Jones
Josh Brown
Derek Stanley
Gary Stills

Rookie MVP Candidates
Donnie Avery
Keenan Barton
Chris Long
Mark Vobora

Team MVP Candidates

Donnie Avery
Donnie Jones
Torry Holt
Steven Jackson

O.J. Atogwe
Leonard Little
Chris Long
Will Witherspoon

Golden Heart Player of the Year Candidates
Donnie Avery
Donnie Jones
Steven Jackson
O.J. Atogwe
Leonard Little

Will Witherspoon
Torry Holt

Pisa Tinoisamoa

Well, there you have it. Study the lists and when it's time to vote, we'll give you the link to cast your votes!

From Planet Rams
To You and Your Families!

Monday, December 15, 2008

And We Haven't Finished Dead Last

Well, thanks to the Lions at least we won't be finishing dead last and we have a couple of other teams sitting there with us vying for the very next best pick in the draft.

Sad, so very, very sad.

Here's what BeaverRam has to say this week.

Should He Stay or Should He Go Now?

The team has been graded and they were actually doing well until they found another way to lose.

Grading Out

Believe it or not, we gave out the GH Award to two players this week. What can I say, we were feeling generous. Blame it on the Christmas Season.

Golden Heart Award

Next week we will begin the voting for our Planet Rams 2008 MVP Awards. OK, OK, you've got to be kidding right? Well, it's a tradition here and just because the teamed sucked doesn't mean we're going to stop tradition.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Votes Are Tallied Again

Well I tallied the votes from last weeks defensive poll on keepers and non-keepers and you have spoken loud and clear once again. Below are the results of last weeks poll.



Well, it was LSURAM'S turn to pump out some words about the latest lack luster effort by our illustrious boys in blue and gold.

Beyond 2008

The team has been graded, but I'm sure by now you can figure out pretty much what those grades are going to be.

Grading Out

At first I didn't think that we were going to give out the Golden Heart this week, and still not sure if it was truly earned but at least the player we did choose appeared to try and play with some heart. Far more than we can say for the rest of them.

Golden Heart

Breaking News! Planet Rams has expanded it's horizons and created an NBA site. OK, so a couple of us are big Laker fans too, but we've built it to where everyone who loves the game of basketball is welcome. Each team has it's own forum. So please come join us and help us build this new community.

Planet Lakers

What did you expect? LOL

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Votes Are Tallied

Well I tallied the votes from last weeks offensive poll on keepers and non-keepers and you have spoken loud and clear. Below are the results of last weeks poll.

  1. Holt
  2. Jackson
  3. Pittman
  4. Avery
  5. Stanley
  6. McMichael
  7. Looker
  1. Bulger
  2. Pace
  3. Darby
  4. Incognito
  5. Barton
  6. Klopenstein
  7. Barron
Make sure to take our defensive poll down at the bottom for this week.

This week I had the sad duty of writing the feature article for the website. Please feel free to go over and join me in my misery.

The Hammer Needs to Fall

And as always the team has been graded. Don't forget you too can grade them and leave a comment as well and we'll put it up on the site with our grades and the "Pros" grades.

Grading Out

And yes we did decide to give out the Golden Heart Award for this week.

Golden Heart Award

Don't forget to take our poll below.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Uninspired Football

Simply leads to uninspired writers! How can you write with enthusiasm when your team can't even muster up enough dignity to try and play for their pay checks? Just so pathetic and heartbreaking as a fan.

Let's see what the BeaverRam has to say this week about the current debacle.

Faneo, Faneo, Where Art Thou Faneo?

Yep the teams been graded. Getting easier all the time to hand these grades out. Can do it in my sleep.

Grading Out

Well, believe it or not, out of the rubble, the Golden Heart Award did find it's way to a player this week.

Golden Heart Award

Hey, if you're a Laker fan, Planet Rams has expanded it's horizons to now offer a Lakers forum. It's brand new and we just opened up shop a couple of days ago, so we encourage any Laker fans to come on over and become members. At least there we can celebrate winners.

Planet Lakers

And if you're not a Laker fan, that's OK too, we've got sections for non-Laker fans as well. All are welcome!

Take our poll below and choose who you would keep on the team from the list provided. This week it's offense, next week we'll post defensive names.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Can't Get Any Worse?

Who said it couldn't get any worse? I know a lot of us were dreaming and hoping that it couldn't get any worse, but after Sunday's game we all were given a glimpse of just how dreadful and how horrific of a train wreck this team is. Bulger has taken us to a new low...we've fallen even farther in embarrassment than Tony Banks took us. At least Banks had a personality of sorts....Bulger can't even muster up that.

Here's what GeezerRam had to say about yet another Rams debacle.

Mercy, Mercy (Please?)

Well the team has been graded, don't know why we don't just leave the grades up there since they don't change much from week to week. Guess it's exercise for the fingers.

Grading Out

Believe it or not we were able to sift through the train wreck and find someone to hand out the dusty Golden Heart Award for this week.

Golden Heart

We didn't think you'd have much desire to eat after yet another Rams debacle, but we did think you might want to drown your sorrows, so we posted a few drink ideas on the Tailgate Recipes section this week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Don't Know

How this team can even go home and look at themselves in the mirror after this game and even say they tried. If I performed this poorly on my job I wouldn't last a day let a lone all season. Just pathetic.

Here's what BeaverRam has to say about it all.

Jetting to the Bottom of the NFC West

Well the team has been graded, not like you can't figure out what those grades might be but it's a dirty job and someone has to do it.

Grading Out


Unless of course if you think there's someone worthy, please by all means go over to the site and submit your players name...... Golden Heart

Monday, November 3, 2008


That's the sound of the air coming out of all of our balloons of hope for the Rams this season. Talk about being deflated.

Here's what LSU'SRAMS/Eliasdad has to say about this weeks debacle.

The GSOT is the Past Folks

Well, the team has been graded and as I'm sure you can guess it's not a report card your parents would be proud of.

Grading Out

Believe it or not we were able to hand out the illustrious Golden Heart this week.

The Golden Heart

Go check out the Tailgate Recipes section of the newsletter. We figured you might need a little comfort food and a strong drink after this last game.

Let's hope we can manage a few more wins to at least be able to say there was improvement over last season.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

OK, We Didn't Win

But without Jackson did we think we had a chance? I'll tell you one thing though, the team never gave up. And that speaks volumes for the coach!

It was my week to write the website article so check it out when you get the chance.

Not An Embarrassing Loss

The team has been graded for this week and ready for your review. Like we say each week, don't forget you can give out your grades as well. So what you waiting for?

Grading Out

We've handed out the Golden Heart for the 8th week. Go check out who the big winner was this week. And if you don't agree and would like to see another name, please voice your opinion.

Golden Heart

We may have lost, but the Rams are going to be OK.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Holy Cow!

Did you see that team of ours?! Oh my gosh! Now that's what I call fired up and playing some football baby! Way to go Rams, way to go Haslett! Let's take this intensity to New England and stick it to the Pats. Here we come Pats, don't take us lightly, we're on fire.

With that being said, let's see what the old WatchDog has to say about this week's game.

A Nice Week to Write the Article

I just love giving out good grades and gold stars! Check out the grades the Rams got this week. And as always, don't forget you too can post your grades as well!

Grading Out

The Golden Heart was a tough one today, with so many doing so good, but we finally came up with whom we thought was the most deserving.

Golden Heart