Monday, December 28, 2009

Just Another Sorry Day In Rams Nation

Sundays have just become dreadful for all of us in Rams Nation. This season has been like walking through molasses in the winter time. This has been one of the longest seasons ever. But finally, we will be put out of our misery once next weeks game is done and over with.

Go check out what LSURAMS has to say about our latest loss.


As always, the team has been handed their grades and although it was tough trying to find a winner for the Golden Heart award this week, we did eventually hand out the award.

Grading Out

Golden Heart Award

Next week we will setting up the voting for the PR MVPs and Golden Heart Award of the Year. We hope that you will go and vote for the players you would like to see win the honors.

Also, next week will be the last weekly issue for the season. After next week, we will be going back to every other week until the 2010 preseason games begin.

Hope all had a wonderful Christmas and have a great New Year!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Congrats Rams

Looks like you achieved something this year. And that is probably the number one draft pick and the dubious honor of being called "The Worst Team in the NFL".

How sad is that?

Onto next year I suppose.

Check out what Beaverram has to say about our most recent loss in an endless string of losses.

Ultimate Dilemma

As always the team has been handed down their grades and the Golden Heart has been awarded.

Grading Out

Golden Heart Award

It is about that time of year again for us to begin our yearly voting. As always we will have the PR MVP's and the Golden Heart Player of the Year to vote on. Below you will find a list of candidates for you to consider and if you think we're missing anyone (lol) let us know.

Rookie of the Year

James Laurenitis
Danny Amendola
Jason Smith

Defensive MVP

Leonard Little
James Laurenitis
O.J. Atogwe
Ron Bartell
Chris Long

Offensive MVP

Steven Jackson
Brandon Gibson
Donnie Avery
Danny Amendola

Special Teams MVP

Donnie Jones
Danny Amendola

Team MVP

Steven Jackson
James Laurenitis
Donnie Avery
Danny Amendola
O.J. Atogwe

Golden Heart Player of the Year

Steven Jackson
James Laurenitis
Danny Amendola
O.J. Atogwe
Leonard Little

That's it, was tough trying to find soles to fill the spots. But if you want to nominate anyone in any of the categories please do so by posting to this.


One more thing and far more important than this entire season is this......

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Season is Over

Stick a fork in it, it is DONE. Put us out of our misery, how much more losing do they think we can take?

OK done moaning. Please go check out LSURAMS web article for this week.

Now What?

And as always, the team has been graded and the Golden Heart has been awarded. Yada, yada, yada.

Grading Out

Golden Heart

And one more thing.....don't forget that we have a Planet Rams social network now. Please, come join us!

Planet Rams Network

Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Over His Head?

Week 11 has come and gone and chalk up another loss for the Rams. OK, most of us knew this was going to be rough, but Spags is not the first coach to inherit a team in trouble. The difference between he and those others is that at least some of them were able to show improvement by the end of the season. As our season ending is quickly approaching it looks more like a form of regression is beginning to overtake the team. It also seems that Spags may not only be in denial over this but he may also be in way over his head. Nice guy, true, but you could be the Pope, that's not going to help you turn a franchise around if you don't really have what it takes to shape a team. I'm beginning to wonder if Spags does have what it takes.

Let's see what old BeaverRam has to say about this weeks addition to our never ending losses.

To Go Or Not To Go

As always, the team has been graded and the Golden Heart has been awarded. At least there are a few players that tend to stand out even on this team, that are somewhat worthy of the award.

Grading Out

Golden Heart Award

Planet Rams Social Network!

Have you checked it out yet? Our new social network? If you haven't you should give it a shot. It's a lot like most social networks except that it revolves around the Rams. But just like any social network, you can set up your own page, add friends, invite friends, add apps to your page, change how your page looks, make it to suit your personality. There's also a live chat room on the main page where you can gather and chat with your friends, which you are welcome to use at any time!

So come check it out and join our network!

Planet Rams Network


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Way to Go Jackson

With losing or not, Steven Jackson deserves kudos. Not just for his continued quality work for the team, win or lose, but for the fact he now has passed not only Marshall Faulk, but Eric Dickerson as well. Jackson now is the only Rams player in franchise history to have five straight 1000+ rushing seasons. From 3rd last week to surpassing both this week. Way to go Jackson!

This week's article was written by none other than your editor here, hope you'll go over to check it out.

Still Losing, But Fighting Hard

Believe it or not, it's getting less painful each week to grade the team. There actually has been improvement. So please go check out the grades and like we say over and over again, please feel free to submit your own grades that we will put on the website along with ours and the "Pros" grades.

Grading Out

And let's not forget the illustrious Golden Heart Award.

Golden Heart

Oh, and don't forget to check out the weekly photo slide shows we've got up and running on the website too.

Photo Gallery


Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Embarrassed

Sure it was a loss, and sure we're still standing at 1 win. But what happened on Sunday against the Saints did prove one thing, that the team can play without embarrassing themselves and their fans. They proved that they truly can improve.

Now onto LSURAMS website article.

Lights Go On

Well as always the team has been graded and the Golden Heart has been handed out. This week though it was easier to grade the team with a more positive attitude.

Grading Out

Golden Heart

Planet Rams now has a new public meeting place. Due to someone hacking the original forum and giving it malware, we had to shut down the old forum. So instead of creating just another forum, we went a head and created a Rams Social Network. Great feature this has, is a "real time" chat and you can build your own page with whatever you want. Some come on over and become a member, won't cost you nothing but your time! Hope to see you there!

Planet Rams Network

Monday, November 2, 2009


Wow We Won. But if we hadn't, we pretty much could claim an 0-16 record. It wasn't pretty that's for sure, the way we struggled to get those 17 points you would have thought the opponent was some undefeated team. But alas, it was nothing but our lowly counterparts the Lions.

This weeks website article is by good old GeezerRam. Hope you'll go over and enjoy it!

Well Done

As always, the team is graded and the Golden Heart Award has been handed out. Remember, you can grade the team and put int a vote for your GH player of the week and we'll post them on the website.

Grading Out

Golden Heart

Hey, only 3 games out of first place. Sorry, couldn't help it.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Whatever

You want to say or whatever excuse you want to make for this teams ineptitude, go for it, not going to change my mind on the coaching style. It's not working, IMHO.

This week was also my wonderful turn to dig up some words for the website, so when you get a chance go check it out.

Rebuilding Is One Thing, But Humiliation Is Another

And as you might guessed we've handed out the grades for this week. It's getting easier to grade with each spiral step then continue to take down into the dark abyss known as Rams Nation.

Grading Out

We also was able to somehow find someone worthy to receive our illustrious Golden Heart Award.

Golden Heart

Happy Reading!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wow, Too Much Too Handle

What a heartbreak! With all the hard work the Defense did to try and get the win for the team, it just wasn't in the stars. A game like this just rips your heart out.

This week go check out what GeezerRam has to say about yet another Rams loss.

Another Sunday, Another Loss for the Rams

Make sure to go on over and check out this weeks grades and see who won this weeks Golden Heart Award.

Grading Out

Golden Heart

Will a win ever come? GO RAMS!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missouri Loves Company

Well for a few moments there I thought we were going to left alone standing there in Missouri holding the only losing record in the state. But the Chiefs did not disappoint when they lost in overtime to Dallas.

So at least for awhile the Rams still have some company in the root cellar of Missouri.

This week's web article is written by LSURAMS so make sure and check it out and see what he's got to say this week.

Bizzaro World

The team as always has been graded and the Golden Heart has been awarded again this week. Remember you too can grade the team and submit someone for the award. Still waiting to hear from you!

Grading Out

Golden Heart


Monday, October 5, 2009

Misery in Missouri

The "Show Me" state has now become the "Show Me How to Lose" state! At the rate both the Rams and Chiefs are going I wouldn't be surprised to see Missouri became the first state with multiple teams go 0-32.

Very sad.

Speaking of sad, please find it in your hearts to go and read BeaverRam's web article this week. I'm sure it was one written through tears of depression set on by the miserable entity that calls itself the St. Louis Rams.

The Bane of Barron

Well the team has been graded and we did hand out the Golden Heart Award although it was a tough one to hand out.

Don't forget, you too can grade the team, we'd love it if you would. We'll put it right up there with ours. So express yourself!

Grading Out

Golden Heart

Monday, September 28, 2009

Winless in Missouri

Well as some would like you think that the Rams are alone in the winless column, they're not. The Chiefs are struggling in the quagmire as successfully as we are. Not that this is any relief to us but it's nice to see that the AFC is equally represented.

It was my task to write this week's website article which I hope you all will go over and check out.

Rams On The Road to History

Alas the team has been graded and the Golden Heart did find a recipient. Remember, you can go over to the site and submit your grades as well as someone you think deserves the award.

Grading Out

Golden Heart


Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Grief

Twelve straight losses and about half the team wasn't even involved in the first 10 losses. Go figure. You'd think we might win a game here or there with new blood. But then again there hasn't been any improvement on the offensive side of the ball. Looks like we're in for a long, long season.

This week's web article is brought to you by LSURAM's/Eliasdad. Enjoy!

This Season And Beyond

The grades have been handed out for this week, and don't forget you can pass down your own grades that will be put up on the website as well.

Grading Out

And as always, we've found a way to hand out our illustrious Golden Heart Award for week 2.

Golden Heart

How Do We Fix the Rams?

That's the question we pose to you, the fans. Send us your thoughts on how to fix this team and what you would do if you were the coach. You can either post your answer here or email us at

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Deliver Me His Head!

And on a silver platter too! That's pretty much what you can probably expect from the "mob" in St. Louis, when it comes to Marc Bulger.

Enough is enough! He doesn't have it and they seriously need to be thinking of cutting ties with him at the end of this season.

Due to a death in the family, LSURAM's will be unable to contribute to the newsletter and the website for the weekly article. Our hearts and prayers go out to Mark and his family.

With that being'll have to put up with my ramblings.

The Rams Are Not Important

Grading Out & Golden Heart Are Back

Well now that the regular season is under way, we've brought back our grading feature and Golden Heart Award for each week.

Check out this weeks Grades.

Grading Out

And yes we did award the first Golden Heart of the year. We always try to find someone worth of the award so if you're curious click below.

Golden Heart Award

Remember, you can go over and grade the team and it will be put directly on the site as well as submitting your choice for the Golden Heart.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep It Coming Defense

You know what? I don't really care what the offense brings right now, if it's vanilla, it's vanilla.

If the defense can continue to improve like this, I can live with that, because you CAN win games on defense. The Rams have been proving that all preseason long.

The defense is my vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and whip cream with a cherry on top. And I can live with that.

This week's web article is written by GeezerRam. So go on over and check it out when you can.

Paying For the Past

Next week, PR will be bringing back our Grading Out series and Golden Heart Player of the week.

Remember, once this starts, you can go over and grade the teams performance as well as submitting your Golden Heart Player!

Here's a few pics from the Chiefs game.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Hungry For the Ball

Wow! Now that looked more like a Spags kind of defense! I'm sure Cromwell's Corner has a lot to say about this performance of the Rams defense.

Still a lot of work needs to be done with the rushing game. Still they allowed too many long spurts that gave the Bengals far too many opportunities to beat us.

This week's website article is brought to you by BeaverRam and we hope that you will go on over and read it.

Which QB Will It Be?

What? No One Wants to Write?

Ah come on, someone out there must want to have their own "soap box" to get on and talk about their team. We'd sure love to have you! So if you think you might have what it takes to join our staff please email us at

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