Monday, December 10, 2012

6-6-1 Ouch That Tie is Rearing It's Ugly Head

Well, here we sit at 6-6-1 and as I said earlier in the year "This tie could come back and bite us in the butt." And it is doing just that. Had we won, we'd be sitting at 7-6 and the reality of playoffs would be much closer than it is right now. However, they say we are still in the hunt and how good does that feel?

As hard as it might be for the Rams to be able to achieve it, when is the last time any of us have said playoffs and Rams in the same breath? Wow, what a good feeling, as short lived as it may be, it's still a good feeling.

Fisher has made the first steps in keeping his promise in making this a winning franchise and from what we have seen this year, you only know that it is only up from this point on. The entire belief structure of this team has been changed by Fisher and that is "We can win." It is no longer an atmosphere of only losing and maybe there might be a win on the horizon. This team believes they can win. It's amazing what one man can do to change something so bad into something that will soon be so good.

Fisher should get coach of the year.

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