Sunday, October 30, 2011

Was it the Uniforms?

Don't you just love the old uniforms? Brings back good memories and for a brief period of time on this past Sunday, we witnessed something remarkable. Not only were the Rams wearing the beloved colors that walked away with a Super Bowl win, but they won their first game of the season in those colors!

Was it the uniforms? Was it the Cardinals World Series win? Was it the unwillingness of SJ39 to sit down and watch the team implode one more time and lose? Whatever it was, where has this team been all year?!

Whatever the reason for such an impressive win, I still put a bid in for the Rams going back to their old colors. There's just something really special about them.

Read what LSURAM has to say this week about what we all witnessed.

Turning Point?

Grading Out and Golden Heart Award

Wow, what a game and because of it, the grades this time around are pleasing to the eyes and were an awful lot of fun to dish out! There also were so many fine performances in this game that it made it just too hard to hand out just one GH for this week.

Grading Out
Golden Heart 

Photos and Video Highlights

Well, we did say that we wouldn't waste our time on photos for every loss the Rams have given us so far this year. We did however, promise we would when they won, so that's what we've done.

Rams vs Saints Slide Show

Rams vs Saints Highlights


Monday, October 24, 2011

Leave it to the Rams

To make a nobody, what was his name again? The "up to this point unproductive, DeMarco Murray" as stated in the Post Dispatch, a super star running back. To think the Rams allowed him to surpass both Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith in yardage in one game. No doubt those players are feeling a little slighted about right now, that they weren't given the luxury of playing against the front seven of the Rams when they had to work their tails off to get every yard they both earned!

DeMarco Murray, who? Totally unheard of until October 23, 2011. Sure hope the Cowboys don't weigh his recent success as a milestone in his career, because I'm afraid if they do that, they'll be letting their team down. The Rams are not the measuring stick of a good running back. Enjoy it while you can Murray because you're not going to see another day like that one again, in a very long time, if ever!

I get to rant a lot this week. Here, Patti's Ramblings and it was my turn to write the website article. Oh joy for me! You can check out my website article below.

Murray Who?

The Grades Have Been Dished Out

Well of course the team has been graded. Gets easier each week too. Pretty soon, we won't even have to change any of the grades or comments, it's just the same old same old.

Grading Out

The Golden Heart Award

Well, believe it or not, we found it in our hearts to give the award out this week. As tough as it was to do.

Golden Heart Award

0-16 Here We Come!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Ground Hogs Day

I'm sure you've all seen Ground Hogs Day, the movie about how the guy kept waking up and repeating his day over and over and over again. Well, quite frankly, that is exactly what the game this week reminded me of.

Every time the Rams would get to 3rd and whatever, it was the same old thing over and over and over again. A penalty, or some other bonehead mistake would kill the drive, over and over and over again. Insane. What a futile season this is turning out to be.

Check and see what BeaverRam has to say about the latest debacle!

Lloyd to the Rescue? No Way!

Grading Out and the Golden Heart Award

Well the team has been graded and yadda, yadda, pretty much the same old thing. Don't forget to go over and offer up your grades and your opinions and we'll make sure they are posted for everyone to see on the website. Oh, and yes, we were able to squeeze out an award for the Golden Heart Player.

Grading Out

Golden Heart Award

Don't forget that you also can pick your own player for the GH as well.

No Photos

In case you are wondering why there have been no photos or slide shows so far on the season, it's because there just hasn't been anything worth including. After all who wants to be continually reminded of how lousy the team is by rubbing it in our faces with pictures to remind us each week. Maybe when they win a game we might put time and effort into making a slide show, but until that day, it's not going to happen.

There is Still Hope on the Horizon However....

The 0-6 St. Louis Rams aren’t going to sit on their hands the rest of the way.
But Rams’ faithful have to hope the club doesn’t allow offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to have too much input. Clearly, McDaniels gets his guy now, though. The NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that St. Louis is finalizing a trade with the Denver Broncos to bring Brandon Lloyd(notes) in. He flourished playing under McDaniels in Denver.
Details of the deal aren’t known yet, but the Broncos have been actively working to ship out Lloyd. The Denver Post reported last week he was on the trading block. The San Francisco 49ers reportedly showed interest.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Goat of the Week

Well we have the Golden Heart Player of the Week, we might as well have a Goat of the Week as well. This would be what you give out to the biggest idiot or fool on the team for the week and that dubious honor would be bestowed upon......drum roll please.......

Mike Sims-Walker

Who else? Oh sure there might be a couple more you might want to include, but his antics rockets him right to the top. A veteran who is guilty of more than half of the 8 dropped passes (he was thrown to 6 times and he dropped 5) simply can't escape being the Goat of the Week! Totally unacceptable and unforgivable play from a veteran wide receiver.

For a performance like that I'd have to bench him if I were the HC. There would be no discussion about it. You don't perform well on your own job you generally get fired so, benching someone is a slap on the hand if you ask me.

Comment about the Skins: I hope the two players that nearly tore of Austin Pettis' head are fined for those dirty hits! Both were totally uncalled for and were intentional. Unacceptable behavior for anyone.

Check out what LSURAM has to say about our 4th horrible loss of the season over on our website.

2011 Rams GM and Coach

Grading Out and the Golden Heart Award

The team has been graded and there was a winner of the Golden Heart Award this week, so go check it out. As always, feel free to post your own grades and your own GH winner and we will put them on the website!

Grading Out
Golden Heart

Going Into the Bye

Just like the team, we are taking the week off. The team needs it, we need it, you need it! We will return after the Packers game.

No matter what the outcome, we as Rams fans need to stick together and as hard as it might be a lot of times we need to back our team. A lot easier for those who have followed them for so long that it's just second nature to continue. But all Rams fans young and old alike, keep it together and hang in there. Remember, we are all in this together!