Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not much going on in Rams Nation to even really talk about. Must be why they're making such a big deal about the possible sale of the Rams. Got no other news to rile people up with.

We do bid farewell to Trent Green from football, who retired this month. I'm sure he'll stay retired and not make a fool of himself like some other football player whom shall remain nameless.

Well, your writer this week over on Planet Rams is yours truly so please feel free to journey on over and take a gander.

Patience, Patience, and More Patience

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For Sale - Football Team

So no one in St. Louis is interested in purchasing the Rams so that St. Louis fans won't lose their team. Don't know what to say there except don't take it out on Chip. He said from day one that he wasn't going to own the team forever, but would prefer to keep the team in St. Louis. If you don't have big time business person that's interested, you can't expect Chip to keeping holding onto something that's obviously too big for he and his sister to be involved with.

Yes, it would be a shame if St. Louis lost the Rams, but true fans don't care where their team goes, what state, what city. It simply doesn't matter. If you're truly a fan of your team your heart will go where they go.

This issue's web article is being brought to you by LSURAM's. Please go over and read what he has to say this time around. Thanks!

I Love LA

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