Sunday, June 24, 2007

So Little News And So Much Time Left To Wait

There's so little news coming out of St. Louis these days that they've resorted to reporting on Kurt Warner selling his home in St. Louis. If that's not pathetic, then we here at Planet Rams don't know what pathetic is. Geez, will someone please wake us up? The wait is killing us!

Another month before training camp even.....can we wait that long?!

We do have an article written for you over on our website by yours truly so all is not lost.....

No Improvement For the Rams?

We've just completed adding our Marshall Faulk Tribute to Planet Rams so go check it out. And if you'd like to add some words of your own, you'll find a form to do so at the bottom of the page! We'd love to have your input!

Marshall Faulk Tribute

We do have a mini camp slide show for your enjoyment so go over and check it out!

2007 Mini Camp

In the meantime, if you're getting hungry for some food while waiting for the season to begin, go check out this issue's tailgate recipes!

Hey! We're still waiting for you to come and join us over on PR's Forum. So what you waiting for? Come join us today!

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Till next time.....GO RAMS!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two Months and Counting

Nope, not counting the days here.

Yeah and if you believe that, you still believe in the Tooth Fairy too. You better believe PR's counting the days and that's the days until pre-season. So desperate here for Rams football and Rams news that we'll embrace the pre-season with warmth and kindness. Of course the excitement of pre-season coming up is because we all know then that opening kickoff is just around the corner and isn't that going to be one of our most anticipated kickoffs ever? Dante Hall....should bring at least some hope for some excitement.

In the meantime as we prepare for the upcoming season, we've opened up a couple of FFB leagues over on Yahoo Sports and plan to open up one more league probably with and we're inviting anyone that might like to join to feel free to do so. Below are the links to the two sites that we've got opened up so far.



When these are full, we'll open another.

This weeks feature article is written by our lost Dog the WatchDog make sure to go over and take a peak at what the mad dog has got to say this time around.

Rams Shed the Curse of the Kennedys

Planet Rams are still seeking people to volunteer to write for the following:

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Sure there's no monetary reward in it, but there is the reward to be able to speak your mind about your Rams publicly and if you choose the Dog House you can speak your mind about all the teams in our division. So what's holding you back?

If you'd like to join our writing staff please email us a sample of your writing and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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We've added five new recipes to our Tailgate Recipes so don't forget to go check 'em out!