Sunday, September 23, 2007

Does it Get Any Sadder?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like I'm stuck in some Twilight Zone episode. I really can't believe what we are witnessing is reality. Bulger just, well stunk it up. Maybe it's time for a change. Who knows, it sure couldn't hurt. Cause nothing could hurt anymore than this 0-3 start does.

This weeks article is brought to you by please go check it out when you get enough strength to do so.

To Win or Not to Win?

Planet Rams has dished out the grades for this week and it was painful to say the least.

Grading Out

Remember, if you want to grade the team, there's a form on the site to do so. So feel free to submit your grades and we'll put them up on the site along with ours.

We were able to find someone worth giving our Golden Heart Award out to so go check out who got the award for this week.

Golden Heart

Don't forget that Planet Rams now has podcasting of the games. Not that any of the games have been worth podcasting, but we made a commitment to try doing this for all those who don't have access to seeing or hearing the games.

Planet Rams Podcasting

They say that chocolate is a "comfort food" and right now we need a little comfort so make sure and check out our tailgate recipes for this week. You'll find enough chocolate there to put you into a "food coma".

Planet Rams OUT for this week!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Rats Are Jumping Ship

Man can those rats jump high and quick. By week four the Rams won't have a single fan left on board, at least not in St. Louis! Unbelievable how little loyalty there is these days from some fans. I think Rams fans need to take a "chill pill" or something.

Which leads us right into this weeks website article by GeezerRam....

Let's Chill Out

Don't forget that we have podcasts of the games now so if you don't get to see the games we've got you covered there.

Planet Rams Podcasting

We've also graded the team and we encourage all of you to contribute your thoughts and grades as well before the weeks up and we'll post them on the website!

Grading Out

We've also handed out this weeks Golden Heart a newcomer to boot. So go check out who won the award this week. And while you're there, why not submit your nomination for the Golden Heart.

Golden Heart Award


Monday, September 10, 2007


Well the season is here and what a dreadful way to start it off. Especially losing Pace. Oh geez.

We've got two articles to start the season off with and undoubtedly they will both have widely different views of the game. We start off with some grumblings from our rabid dog Mr. WatchDog himself.

The Most Hated Home Team in the NFL

And secondly we have Eliasdad/LSU'sRams. His piece follows our first article on the same page. Just scroll down to read it.

Not the Start We Were Looking For

Make sure to check out this weeks tailgate recipes....each one especially posted to help drown your sorrows.

Grading Out and The Golden Heart Award have returned and you can see how Planet Rams graded the teams performance and see who received the Golden Heart for the first week. Trust us, awarding the GH was a tough task this first week. Let's hope it gets easier as the season progresses.

Grading Out

Golden Heart

Remember, you too can submit your team grades and also submit your votes for your own GH winner. So feel free to go to the site and submit your own opinions and nominations!


Monday, September 3, 2007

Four Days and Counting

Finally, finally the season is upon us with just 6 days left before our home opening kick off! So are you ready for some football?! Are you ready to see what our boys are made of this year? Are we going to be pleasantly surprised or will it be another year that lets us down as most have predicted?

We'll soon know....4 days and counting.

Our resident WatchDog couldn't find his way out of the doghouse this week due to uncontrollable circumstances so I've had to step in and whip up a piece real quick here. He'll be back next week with our double feature week...

It All Counts Now

Check it out! Planet Rams now has podcasting! That's right now you can hear the games on Planet Rams via our podcasting. We eventually plan to create our own pre game and post game shows as well, so keep a look out for that feature as well.

Rams vs Chiefs

We are sorry to announce that the West Coast DogHouse has been closed. Due to the complete lack of participation and interest we felt it was in our best interest to remove it. But hey, that's what happens when no one cares or gets involved. Personally, I can't keep up everything....not "Wonder Woman" here.

Beginning next week The Golden Heart Award and Grading Out will return on a weekly basis. Remember, everyone is invited to participate by nominating whom they think should receive our weekly Golden Heart or to grade the team's performance for any given week. Your submissions will be posted on the website each week! So keep that in mind with the first game of the year just a few days away!

The Golden Heart

Grading Out

Don't forget to stop by the forum and chat about the weekly games! We'd love to have you come by and visit!

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