Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Sick

Seriously, I have been that is why the newsletter is later than usual. But though I'd try and get this thing out before the next game rolls around. I'm also sick because of the fact that we can't seem to play a game past the first half, especially the offense even with Sam Bradford. It can't be just the players faults, I find that hard to believe. Something, everything is not working or clicking in the 2nd halves of most games between the players and coaching. They need to figure this one out and soon because it is not helping the improvement of this team. It makes you sick to see generally a strong start and every week and even during the wins, watch the team become anemic during the rest of the game. This is a real issue and it is destroying the teams chances of winning many more games for the season. We may be stuck at 3 if this keeps up.

Here is what GeezerRam has to say over on our website this week.

So Close

The team has been graded and despite the loss the Golden Heart has been awarded. As we always remind you, remember you can grade the team and choose your GH winner by filling out our online forms available. So make sure to get your submissions in!

Grading Out

Golden Heart

GO RAMS! There is still time!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Talk about some hard hitting, hard nosed defense! Seven sacks! Awesome! They totally dominated the #1 ranked offense in the NFL in the first half. Although they bent some in the second half they were still able to hold them off long enough for the Rams offense to chew up the time with the Jackson running game.

Hats off to the defense and the entire team for making a statement this week! They did not crumble under the embarrassing jaws of defeat from last week and proved that they could come back and land on their feet this week. Way to go Rams!

Let's hear what good old BeaverRam has to say for this week over on our website.

Jekkyl and Hyde

Golden Heart and Grading Out

The grades have been given and the award has been handed out for this week. It was fun grading the team this week! Don't forget you can grade the team as well as pick your choice for the Golden Heart as well.

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Golden Heart

Video Highlights

This year we've included video highlights on the website, so make sure to go over and check them out!

Rams Highlights


Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Luck Just Keeps Coming

Mark Clayton gone for the season. Unbelievable! I hope the guy who hit him and was looking to hurt someone is proud of himself! Cause he did a great job!

As if being totally humiliated in the game wasn't bad enough of a punishment for some unknown crime our team has committed, we had to lose Sam's go to guy. Just goes to show you that no matter what the Rams try to do they seem to be a doomed organization with a continual black cloud hanging over them. I guess this is what we all get for counting our chickens before they hatched and thinking there was light at the end of the tunnel.

So much for being optimistic.

Let's see what LSURAM has to say this week over on our website.



Well, unfortunately the team has been dished out their grades for this week, which wasn't a pretty thing to do and we did manage to find someone to be the recipient of the GH for this week.

Grading Out

Golden Heart Award

Onto to next week in hopes that we can pick up the pieces of this train wreck and move on and regain some respectability.

GO RAMS.....if you got it in you!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Defense Stand Up

And take a major bow! Each week we have seen gradual progress in this unit and this week we experienced an immense growth spurt in maturity! At this rate, it is foreseeable that this unit could find themselves in the top ten before the end of the season!

Lauranitus for one is of the key leaders in this new revived group. Opposing teams are going to have to start showing this unit some respect because they no longer are going to allow anyone to push them around any longer.

Watch out NFL, the Rams bite back now!

Make sure to check out this week's feature article written by yours truly.

The Two Headed Monkey is Off the Backs of the Rams!

The team has been graded and the Golden Heart has been handed out for this week. Make sure to go check it out.

Grading Out

Golden Heart Award

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