Saturday, June 30, 2012

Keep Believing...

The Rams still believe in Sam Bradford as their QB for the future and we as fans need to do the same thing.

The old regime drafted him #1 and paid a king's ransom for him, but unfortunately the old regime didn't know how to really help their new "prince" and injuries didn't help.

Enter Jeff Fisher and his new regime and they are backing Sam solidly. With him coming off of an injury plagued slump they turned their back on Robert Griffin III and completely backed Bradford. They pretty much have done all that they can this off season to put him in a spot for success.

Here are the things they did to make sure he will spring back in 2012:

  1. They signed Sams newest friend - Pro Bowler Scott Wells. He comes to the team as possibly being the most important player that has been added to the roster. He is considered to be one of the better centers in the NFL and the best one available. Aaron Rodgers benefited from the presence of Wells and so will Sam.
  2. Better health on the O-Line in 2012 is going to help the starters work more effectively as a solid unit protecting Bradford. New Rams O-Line coach Paul Boudreau will too. His new scheme will help shore up the edges for tackles Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold. Guard Harvey Dahl was the best blocker last season and he has succeeded before under Boudreau in Atlanta and he will be much better now that he is back with his old coach. So, better protection means better health for Sam, giving him more time to throw.
  3. The traditional ground games of Fisher is going to greatly benefit Bradford. With Jackson, ranking 3rd in the NFL in total career rushing yards for active players, their second round choice, Isaiah Pead, will help keep SJ39 fresh while being a reliable backup if he should be needed for more work.  Now other teams will need to account for more than one Rams running back.
  4. The new regime has upgraded Bradfords receiving targets. Brian Quick has come to camp showing that he is a true #1 wideout. Danny Amendola is healthy and can now excel at slot receiver, then there is Chris Givens who bring speed and Steve Smith who brings some veteran knowledge.
  5. Bradford finally will receive personal instruction from a QB coach. Frank Cignetti will be able to give Bradford all of his attention, unlike Josh McDaniels who tried to do two jobs.
The pieces are finally in place to help maximize the talents of Bradford. You may want to call last season a sophomore slump, but he didn't really have much of a season due to injuries much like the majority of the team. We should see him playing more like he did in 2010 and not like 2011. With that said, in his third year, he should finally be able to play up to his potential as a former #1 draft pick.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Team Loves Bradfords Toughness

It seems that even though Bradford saw a lot of down time last year, during all of it, his unwillingness to give up and his toughness through it all, has gained him big time respect from all of his teammates. This is great, however, it would be a lot nicer to see him gain that respect from the way he he performs on the field.

Let's hope that this season will see him healthy and able to get out there and prove to everyone he is the real deal and that all of this has just been a bunch of bad luck with all the the injuries and all the horrible play around him.

We're rooting for you Bradford!

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