Sunday, August 28, 2011

3-0 Start

Pre-Season or not, a 3-0 start and against good teams is a great way to go into the 2011 season. It's got to be a confidence builder for the team as well as the fans. It's a nice feeling to see the starters show that the lockout didn't affect their ability to come out and look like they are ready to play some football!

Bradford has already shown that he's is not going to have any of those 2nd year issues a lot of young QB's get after a fine rookie performance. In fact it looks more like he's already  been in the league for several years now, especially when it comes to his ability to be a leader. If any time got their wish fulfilled in the need of a team leader, it's the Rams with Sam Bradford.

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Rams Dress Rehearsal Takes Them to 3-0 on the Pre-Season

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Wow! Are we witnessing the evolution of a new and improved offense here?! Sure it was only a pre-season game, but this team played with a purpose even though it was pre-season and they already seem to have a grasp for the new offense being implemented by McDaniels.

It looks like Jackson has finally got a couple of guys that are really going to be able to give him the rest he needs to stay fresh all season. Cadillac Williams appeared to be all polished and ready to go and Norwood as well looks like he fits in well with our new offense.

This looks like this could be a promising year!

Nice TD by Feely and Alexander by the way....

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It's Back to Football!

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GO RAMS!!!!!