Monday, November 29, 2010

We Learned a Few Things

I think there are a few things that we learned about our team in this game.

1. Bradford gets better with each game.
2. Bradford can make the big plays even without a big name receiver.
3. The Rams can score more than 30 points in a game!
4. They can win on the road, even if it was ugly.
5. They still have not found that true killer instinct.
6. Pat Shurmur gets far too conservative once we have the lead. His conservativeness nearly lost us the game.
7. We're in first place, did you hear that? 1st place. Ain't that something?

The first three quarters were great! Something, however; must be done with regard to the 4th quarters this team has been playing.

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Road Win

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Too Hopeful

Looks like a lot of us got a little too hopeful for the season with all the changes that were made. After Sunday's game, we were made well aware of all of the glaring holes this young rebuilding team still has. The biggest of course would be the fact we simply do not have the power at WR position to stretch the field. We do not have a single player that can allow Bradford to truly shine.

Let's see what BeaverRam has to say about this past week's game over on our website.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Road Woes Continue

Ouch! Still can't seem to get a win on the road. Could have been sitting pretty had we just pulled off the win in OT. Would have dashed all the hopes of the Whiners post season aspirations and we could have remained in a tie for first.

This team must learn to win on the road! The game planning needs to change drastically in order to help Bradford execute a knock out blow in enemy territory. They must become more creative with what they have to work with or we could end in the basement after such a promising start to the second year of rebuilding!

This weeks website article is written by LSURAMS, if you'd like to see what he has to say go on over to the website and check it out.

2nd Half of the Season Expectations

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Monday, November 1, 2010

All Glory to God

Leave it to Bruce, the eternal man of class and man of God to open his speech with "All glory to God!" Number 80 will always have a place in my heart and the hearts of Rams fans forever. The complete player and the perfect example of what each NFL player should be all about on and off the field!

The Rams were obviously inspired once again by the great #80 and handed not only the fans another home win but honored Bruce with a hard fought and statement game. The Rams proved that they are team that will not cower in the corner after defeat and in the face of continued adversity.

There's no doubt that the team made #80 proud a wonderful finish to a wonderful day in honor of one of the greatest players to ever don a Rams uniform!

Way to go Rams and thank you Bruce for all that you did for the Rams! You will be honored and loved forever by Rams fans around the world!

Our website article is up and ready for you to read and we hope you will take the time out and check it out this week.

Bradford Continues to Amaze

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