Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, Here We Sit

Outsiders looking in as the playoffs zoom on by with other teams making it down the home stretch headed for the big dance.

Oh well, time to lick our wounds and prepare ourselves for what had better be a very active off season and draft.

This week's article has been written by LSURAMS/Eliasdad, hope you will go over and read what he's got to say.


Well, the votes are in and the fans have made their choices for Planet Rams 2009 MVPS and The Golden Heart Player of the Year.

Check out who won the honors by clicking on the link below.


The final grades for the team are also posted. Please feel free to add your grades as well, we'd be more than happy to include them on our Grading Out page.

Final Grades for 2009


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow, We Won

Oops, guess you thought I must have been watching a different game. Just pulling your leg, just in case you didn't know we lost one more time. But we did however win the first pick in the NFL draft this season. So in a way, we did win. But....it remains to be seen if they choose wisely.

Here's a little bit from GeezerRam, make sure to go and check it out.

Important News

As we promised, we've set up the polls for this years MVP voting and voting for you Golden Heart Player of the year. You can vote on these by clicking below.


We will leave the voting up until February 1st after which we will post the winners here and on the website.

So get your votes in!

Note: Beginning this issue, the newsletter will be going back on an every other week basis until the 2010 preseason begins in August.