Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Hate the Seahags

Urrr excuse me the Seahawks. Just hate them, hate them, hate them and oh yeah, did I say I hated the Seahawks? Well that pretty much sums up how I feel about the Seahawks. So onto this weeks article, written by yours truly.

The Goat of the Week

The team has been graded and you can go check out what they are and as always, we're still looking for a few people who have their own opinions as well!

Grading Out

We've also awarded this weeks Golden Heart Award winner. Although Jackson came close to winning it, he didn't quite make it, so go check out who the winner was this year. If you beg to differ on our choice, feel free to submit your player for the award.

Golden Heart

Start putting your thinking caps on, the season will soon be coming to an end and we'll be handing out Planet Rams MVP's and Golden Heart of the Year Award. Hey, even though the record sucks, there's still got to be players that stood out above the rest. If you've got any thoughts for the following categories, please send us an email at

Team MVP
Offensive MVP
Rookie MVP
Special Teams MVP
Defensive MVP
Golden Heart Player of the Year

Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Down and Six More To Go

For the miracle run I've been praying for. And that's all I've got to say about that, so without further adieu, I encourage all of you readers to go on over and read what Eliasdad had to say this week.

The New GM

The team has been graded for this week, and we still continue to urge all of you to go over to the site and put in your 2 cents worth. We'll post your grades and your comments right on the site. So come on, before the season's over give it a shot.

Grading Out

We've also picked our Golden Heart Winner for the week so make sure and check that out as well. And don't forget if you think someone else deserved it, then let us know and we'll make sure and give the credit to the person you think is worthy.

Golden Heart

Podcasting on Planet Rams has met an early demise. For several reasons we have discontinued our podcasting.
  1. Simply not enough interest from people.
  2. Too many technical problems with the hosting server.
  3. Too time consuming with everything else that has to be done on the website and with the newsletter.

Since our appetites have picked up a little since our last two wins, make sure and check out our 5 new tailgate recipes! Enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone
Planet Rams!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

One Down and Seven to Go!

That's right one down and seven more to go to complete our miracle run to win out. Sure most of you don't think they can do it, but then most of you probably didn't think we'd play the way we did on Sunday either, so that proves anything is possible and the way things are in the NFC West, it's even more possible. So I'll stick with my miracle hope for this week.

And believe it or not, this win finally got the old WatchDog out of his dog house, who's been in there licking his wounds for weeks, so make sure and go check out what the old dog has got to say this week.

Why to Believe in Marc Bulger

Make sure and check out the Golden Heart Winner for this week and we're still waiting for your involvement, the season is half way over and no one has even thought of a single player that stood out amongst the rest? There's got to be someone you'd like to see honored, especially this week.

Golden Heart

The team has been graded for this week, and how nice it was to give such high marks for a change!

Grading Out

And don't forget, you too can grade the team while you're checking out PR's grades! Get involved!